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Exposing Eggs to Air

Hi Folks,,

I agree with MiamiBob, don't' worry about exposing eggs to air.  I do it   
all the time with my angels, and panda egg's.  Don't let them sit in the   
air for long, or they will dry out, but to pop them out of parent's tank   
to nursery won't hurt them a bit.

In fact, this morning at 5:00 A.M., I was separating Panda Corydora eggs.   
 I do this every 4 days or so.  The panda's always spawn in the left   
upper corner of their tank, in a little ball of eggs.  I roll the eggs   
off the glass, with my fingers, and separate the egg mass one at a time,   
and stick them to the walls of a live bearer breeder trap. I must look   
pretty funny, standing there in my housecoat, half asleep, doing a mommy   
catfish routine. Separate egg, stick it to plastic wall, separate egg,   
stick it to plastic wall,,,,,,,  GRIN!!!

Wheeee,,, I'm a catfish midwife,,,!!

Vicky and her fishy buddies