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Re: breeding established aquarium forms

Dave Gomberg wrote:

> When were cardinals spawned???   I thot this had not been done, only neons.
>   How did I miss out?  Inquiring minds want to know.
> --
> Dave Gomberg    mailto:gomberg@wcf.com

I'd love to talk about it, but this is the Apisto list.  In short, the 1972 book
"Spawning Problem Fishes" includes the Cardinal.  Its author charts the spawning
numbers of about seventy Cardinal spawns.  One set of records demonstrates the
difference between wild-caught and tank-raised, the other involved 9 pairs each
spawned in 7 variant water conditions.  Each of his "experiments" definately
demonstrated priniciples behind spawning this species.  My point was that
tank-raised specimens spawn more frequently and are more prolific.

- --Randy