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Whoooo!! Whoooo!! More Eggs!!

Hi Folks,,

Well, I guess the female Cacautoides with her very fat little
freeswimmers *likes* havin' the male around after all,,,,, all these
guys think about is *sex*!!!

She has layed a whole pile of eggs in her favourite pot, and watchs the
free swimmers, and runs to tend eggs,,  boy is she ever busy!!!  I just
checked them with my flash light and as I type, she has the fry in the
pot, (I guess for a little nappy), while she is mouthing the eggs!!
They are hilarous to watch!!

The male is still prancing around the tank, like the little stallion he
is,,, GRIN!!!


The first female's fry, have almost doubled in size, and are motoring
around really well. Mom won't let them near the box filter, and I figure
in another coupla' days, I'll be able to take the sock off it.

This mother sweeps her pot out every night at bed time,,, LOL!! It blew
me away the first time I saw her do it!! She actually sweeps with her
pecks and tail, right out the door!!  Then it's bed time for the little
ones, nighty night.

She is also a very smart mother fish,,,

I feed them their brine shrimp in a eye dropper. I squirt the brine
right into the herd of fry. Well, Momma figured out a good way to get a
power load. She comes right up to the eye dropper and SUCKS it right
out!!!! Then she looks at me,, like,,,, "do it AGAIN!!!"

I sure hope she don't expode, from a brine overdose,,,



A fellow Apisto Digester is coming over to visit my little fishy circus
in a couple of minutes, now,, I bet she will get a kick of seeing mommy
with her swimmers, and her eggs!!
- --

Vicky and her fishy buddies