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RE: Re: breeding established aquarium forms

They are spawnable, and have been by at least three people over the
years. The last I saw was @10 years ago at an aquarist's house in LA--I
went to verify his breeding for BAP.
I don't believe anyone has been working with them lately. Perhaps at a
University, but I don't think many hobbyist's are truly trying to breed
em'--and the farms aren't because of the requirements--which they
couldn't match well.

Like Black Neons, and neons, they all succumb to breeding at some point.

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>Dave wrote:
>>When were cardinals spawned???   I thot this had not been done, only 
>>  How did I miss out?  Inquiring minds want to know.
>>Dave Gomberg	mailto:gomberg@wcf.com
>I saw a hexagon display tank of cardinal tetras that were domestically 
>spawned at least 15 years ago at a store in San Francisco.  The store is 
>no longer there but it used to be located on Lombard St. and Columbus 
>Ave.  I knew the person that spawned them and I think he's truthful.