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Re: Pelvicachromis sacrimontis- again

>Hi Steve,
>I never spawned mine, as they never got along for long enough to
>reproduce. I found them aggressive. Behavior-wise, they reminded me more
>of P. humilis than taenies, pulcher or subocellatus. I've never kept
>wild kribs, but my two pairs of purples were brawlers in all possible
>combinations. My feeling was my 36 inch tanks were small for them, but
>since my pairs were wild from the same location (Cross River), maybe not
>all purples are like that.
>Good luck with them.
I had two pairs of wild kribs and the best way I found to get them to pair
off without killing one another was to put them in a 55 gallon community
tank. Once a male and female paired off, I removed them to another 55
community tank so that they would be the only kribs in that tank. I have
spawned regular kribs in the past and found that the best way to spawn them
was for them to be in a 55 gallon community tank and let nature take its
course. I have tried spawning them by themselves in 20's but without any
luck and then one or the other usually ended up killing the other. So now I
keep them in community tanks and only one pair per tank. I don't know if
this would work for the other Pelvicachromis's.