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Re: Pelvicachromis sacrimontis- again

Steven J. Waldron wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Recently came across some beautiful but bedraggled wild P. sacrimontis. I
> have 2 males and a female. Appreciate any suggestions with these, I've done
> well with P. taeniatus and P. subocellatus. Curious to know how P.
> sacrimontis' care might differ from aforementioned? Plans to put a pair
> with dithers in a 24" long 20 gal- is this sufficient? Any help with these
> purple beauties would be much obliged....
> - Steve

Mine spawsned with a week's feeding of black worms and a 70%-80% water change of
r/o water.  The pH was about 6 and the temp around 80.  The showed no interest in
spawning in a ten, but came to breeding colors in a 29 with large drift wood,
plants, and upper-level tetras (as dithers).  So I recommend a tank that is
fairly large and aquascaping that is provides a lot of security.

I only got one successful spawn from them, but I have seen the pair go through
spawning motions.  The female is almost always very willing, but the male seems
somewhat dissatisfied with his mate.

- --Randy