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Re: thoughts and inputs appreciated

> Sounds like a very pleasing mix.  I would cut back to around 8 of each of the
> Phantom Tetras and replace their numbers with about 8 Pencilfish (or
> Hatchetfish)--something that occupies the top.  A few Lemon Tetras or Broken
> Tetras would add yellow.
> --Randy
> Steve wrote:
> > I'm setting up a 58 gallon plant tank and was wondering if anybody had any
> > thoughts on whether I could put the following in there and get away with
> >
> > 12 red phantom tetras
> > 12 black phantom tetras
> > 2 trios apistogramma pertensis
> > 5 (2 male 3 female) dicrossis filamentosus
> >
> > Any input, thoughts, comments would be appreciated!
> >

Hi Steve

I agree with Randy on the tetras, except that I would probably
go for just one of the Phantoms (I do like the black one) and
have more of those instead, just my preference though...

As for the A. pertensis, I would only have one pair of those.
My experiences with this species is that the males become
quite dominant and chase both excess males and females around
the tank, even in large ones. I've had the most success keeping
them in pairs. If you really want more apistos try and find other
blackwater species that does well in pairs (something from the
agassizii-group maybe?).


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