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Re: Pictures!

>Kaycy wrote:
>> I also looked closed at some of my own photos of my kribs and taeniatus.
>> Just going by my photos is how I made the observations above.
>What features did you use to differentiate the females?
Mainly the coloration. The taeniatus, to me, is much more colorful in the
male and female than the regular kribs. Like I said, I'm not an expert. I
was just comparing photos. My female reg. krib (wild) has the band over the
back and through the side and a couple spots in the dorsal but not much
anything else as far as coloration. Her body coloring is basically white. My
female taeniatus had tons of coloration and more markings including the
yellowing under the eye as my male had. I did have a pair of taeniatus and a
pair of reg. wild kribs in a 55 then 100 gallon tank. (The move to the 100
was too much for the taeniatus.) It was very easy to tell the differences
between the females when they were together. I never noticed my reg. wild
krib females to have any real coloration to the body except the reddish to
black belly when wanting to spawn. If one looks at the two photos of Doug's
there is definitely some yellowing under the eye of the female on the right
with more coloration in her body compared to the female on the left. If I
knew how to put photos up maybe I could put mine up too.