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Hello All I am New to the list

	I am somewhat of a rookie to the Apisto hobby. I started out about three
years ago with the typical bright gravel, fake plants, with every common
glowing fish. I then was introduced into the world of Apistos with my first
set of Blue rams. They didn't fare too well, because I wasn't experienced, and
had no idea that their was a such thing of water quality (I know I know) Well,
I have read up on the Apisto family, and a lot of other areas of the tropical
fish, and I have now fallen in love with them. About a year ago I purchased
four A. Cacatuoides. They where young, so I had trouble with sexing them. I
wound up with two males, and two females in my 30 long. I recently gave the
second "Sneaker" male to my friend who only had one female, and to my delight
my (wild type) Male, and the smaller of the two females spawned within two
days. The fry didn't last, because I think I turned off the lights, and she
couldn't see her fry to protect them.
My main question is I have some Cardinals, and a couple of Rio dejinaro
tetras, plus two newly added otto cats. I was reading that otto's arent good
for hair algea, what would be? I have never had much algae in the tank (except
some bluish stuff on the back wall), but lately I have had no way to stop it.
Will this affect my plant growth, I have amazons, that send off runners at a
non stop pace, and second what would any of you suggest to get rid of hair
algae on plants w/o harming the plant matter itself?

Thanks, Rob in New Jersey

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