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Re: Hello All I am New to the list

     The hair algae can indicate a slowly dying light bulb or can simply be
the result of feeding live/frozen foods.  I see it in my tanks off and on.
There are two organisms I know of that will eat it:  1) true siamese algae
eaters (even if you get the real thing, it is not guaranteed... some of
them decide that they prefer the fish food you feed the other fish to the
hair algae) and 2) rainbow and ghost shrimp (the rainbow shrimp are
better).  When I want to clear up some hair algae, I run down to the local
fish store and pick up a bunch (10 to 20 per affected tank) of rainbow

I have also found recently that treating the tank regularly with copper (eg
Aquari-Sol) prevents hair algae.  It does not harm my swordplants and the
hair algae does not seem to survive the treatment process.  I use a full
dose every other day during outbreaks and once a week otherwise (with no
carbon in the filter).

That's all I can give you from my experience with hair algae.


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