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L. curviceps disease

tsuh yang chen wrote: <<<< L. curviceps disease
i hope you can help me with this problem.  i have had for months now a sick
Laetacara curviceps male.  i bought it for my female who's very mature and
ready for spawning.  but the day it arrived, the male has had some kind of
parasite.  it does not show good color, but a dark, dull gray.  it's belly
a little concave.  its eyes are a little opaque.  and it shows no interest

This can be due to several different causes. Even if written for Discus,
at http://world.std.com/~enjolras/symtreat.htm  you will find suggestions
for fish weight loss that apply to your case.  Levamisole will help if
the problem is due to nematodes, but while you look for it a treatment
with metronidazole for intestinal flagellates should in my opinion be given.
Good luck, and watch for ammonia problems in the newly set hospital tank!

Dionigi Maladorno
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