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L. curviceps disease

 Mike & Diane Wise wrote: <<<< L. curviceps disease
I've used a "chemical cocktail" on many fish that has seemed to work over
years on undefined diseases. It's a combination of Kanamycin, Naladixic
Acid, and
Metranidazol. But before I used this I'd try feeding him on a medicated (for
paracites) food first.>>>>>>>>

The medicated flakes idea is a good one, but why would you 
then administer antibacterials, when the likelihood that the 
problem is bacterial is basically zero? You would get a crashed
biofilter for no benefits. Body weight loss without other evident 
symptoms is primarily due to (medication in brackets):
flagellates like Hexamita or Spironucleus (metronidazole), 
nematodes (Flubenol or better levamisole), tapeworms (Flubenol
or praziquantel), low-grade skin and gill infections due to
Oodinium or Ich (temperature at 93 F for a week is the best 
Also, cancer or TB (basically not treatable in hobby settings).

Dionigi Maladorno
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