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RE: Black Beach Sand

>Black Beauty sandblast abrasive is coal slag.  I am familiar with it as a
>sandblast abrasive,
>but had not considered what it might leach into an aquarium.  I'll look into
>it and post anything I find.
>Susan A. Drozdz

I use Estes Marine Sand in the black color. It does not influence pH . It
is too fine for UG filters. It can be purchased in larger commercial size
bags if you can get a masonary dealer to order it for you.  I get it in
aquarium bags (5#) and 6 to a box for about $1.50 per bag (#5).

I have it in under my West African dwarfs and corys. And also in the 30 gal
with my trio of apistos.
It does not hurt the corydoras barbels, as they dig for black worms all the


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