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Re: growth rate of fry and water changes

Okay people "hear ye, hear ye"

The only means by which this argument can be logically ended is if people
with sufficient tanks would divide a batch of fry equally in half.  Grow
them out in separate tanks under the same conditions, except do weekly, or
twice weekly 50% water changes on one tank, and 30% monthly changes on the
other.  Within three months there should be sufficient data to conclude as
to whether apistos grow faster or not depending on the rate of water

There are some people corresponding on this mailing list who claim that
their fry reach the stage where sexual dimorphism is apparent after only 3
to 4 months, and others who must wait 8 months.

Sufficient data can be collected with relative ease given the number of
people participating on this list.  So,...start your engines...

G. Kadar

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