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Re: When a blessing becomes a curse

I dont know if this will work with trumpet snails but it does for the wee
brown ones.  Last thing at night when tank lights are off, place a slice of
weighted down cucumber in the offending tank.  First thing in the morning
the cucumber be covered in the snails, carefully lift this out and repeat
procedure each evening.
Good luck,

>somehow inadvertently introduced Malaysian
>trumpet snails into one of my planted tanks.(
>... Then I read that these snails eat apisto eggs at night while the mother
>fish sleeps...ARGHHHHH!!!
>Hence, I have been doing the Jacques Cousteau for the past three evenings,
>picking snails out of the gravel as they appear for their evening of
>feasting and frolicking on my defenseless apisto eggs.  Sigh...
>G. Kadar

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