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Re: When a blessing becomes a curse

"EXT AVS; \"Helen Burns\"" wrote:

> From: David Sanchez <barbax2@yahoo.com>
> >One thing you can do is simply take a net and snag the females in
> >question and simply remove the caves with the eggs and fill a 5.5
> >gallon tank(or what ever you have) with water from the tank some
> >plants for cover and maybe a little sand as substrate and your in
> >business.

> David,
> I am for a start, I think the apistos would fair better taking their chances
> with the snails.
> We on this list have gone down this rocky road only last week and I don't
> think we wish to return.
> Helen

I admit to doing this somtimes as well. Either to keep the fry
or to protect the female or both. I think it is a far better solution
than removing just the spawn and raising the fry artificially.

I also have to admit that I've never witnessed apisto-eggs or fry
being eaten by any kind of snail. I have quite a few trumpets in
some of my tanks and spawns in these (agassizii, cacatuoides,
nijsseni, pertensis, P. taeniatus, T. candidi) have been just as
succesful as in a snail-free tank. Either the problem is very
exaggerated or you have some kind of special snail.

I suggest you keep your apistos in the tank. they'll probably make
it alright.


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