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Reputable Apisto stores in the NJ area

 CoolAid776@aol.com wrote: <<<<<
Subject: Reputable Apisto stores in the NJ area
I am thinking of setting up a third tank, and I live in Central New Jersey.
Their is one store I "trust" but their Apisto stock is next to nothing. Does
anyone know of a place within a couple hour drive where they have a decent
selection of Apisto's amongst other fish. Even just a day trip to look at
their stock would be nice. Thanks - Rob NJ>>>>>>

Aquatropics in Clifton has often good quality samples (including
some I bred, ha, ha, ha! ).
Prices are not cheap, but the store is very clean and well maintained.
Its' just before the merger between Route 46 west and Route 3 west, 
along the former.
call 973 - 365 0200 for directions and availability of species.

Dionigi Maladorno
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