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Re: general diet and feeding frequency questions

> I've never heard of a disease problem with mosquito larvae, either. They don't
> need septic condition to live & grow so they should be OK, but I bet it doesn't
> make you very popular with the neighbors when they find out!
I had actually been populating these back in 1975. I dug a hole in the
back yard by the house large enough to put a 10 gallon tank in it. I
then filled the tank with water and just left it. Every morning I would
go outside with a fine mesh net and scoop out any and all larvae. I
would then take them in side and put them in a freezer bag and freeze
them. As I need them to feed fish, I would thaw it out in the tank and
the fish loved them. I don't know if my neighbors complained or not,
they never said anything. It was a great way of getting free live/frozen
foods for my fish.




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