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Re: Aquarium Lighting

At 09:06 a.m. 05/02/99 PST, you wrote:
>I am getting ready to upgrade my lighting system.  I have read alot of 
>material on the net about the different lights available, and the three 
>that seem to come most recommended are the following:
>         Triton
>         Coralife Trichromatic
>         Power Glo

Depending on your tanks proportions and your plantīs light requirements, I
would suggest you use Daylight (5,000 K) T8 fluorescent tubes from a
hardware store,and invest the price difference between these and the
specialized tubes from your LFS in a hood that can accomodate more tubes.
One tip: I just changed my lighting in a planted 55 gl. and watched all my
Cryptocorynes turn to mucus in 3 days.  While many plants respond well to
increased light + CO2, others just roll over and die.

There is a very good article on light and lighting in The Kribīs website.


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