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Re: pH hell- elaboration of facts for Bob Dixon

>In my prior post i gave expected GH and KH from your DI/tap mix.  But David
>has made a valid point here.  I made the assumption you were using a
>KATI/ANI, two-stage DI unit.  If you are only using a positive ion
>exchange/removal system, it may actually be the cause of you pH increases.
>Bob Dixon

I am using a DI unit that removes both positive and negative ions.  It is
not something that exchanges Ca and Mg for Na or anything like that.

BTW if you measure the Tetra Black Water extract, you will find that it
contains phosphate.  If the amount of light you are providing the tank is
relatively low then there is no problem.  However, when the tank is getting
close to 3 watts per gallon, amazing things happen. I didn't have a problem
with this product or Mardel's WOW until I added more light to the aquarium.
Unfortunately, I cannot keep SAEs in the smaller tanks.  The four I have in
the 120 are doing a marvelous job at keeping algae under control.  Some
algae is fine.  But there are limits.  When it takes over everything and the
plants become unrecognizable, then it's a major problem.

I think this is a time-limited problem.  I just have to do enough water

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