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A. borelli in hiding.

I bought a pair of A. borellis about 3 weeks ago.

Initially the male was always visible in the tank, and trying to display
to the female who hid behind the sponge filter most of the time. I
started feeding mosquito larvae (its been hot and raining here and they
are in more than ample supply!!! - so are the mosquitoes).  Things
seemed to be progressing well, the female stopped hiding and tehy were
both displaying.

Now for the last 3 days the male has gone into hiding and its the female
who is most obvious in the tank.   He doesnt even seem to come out for
food although I managed to get him to eat some white worms (2) on
saturday night.  The female is not obviously harassing him, no does she
seem to be guarding an area, and there is nothing wrong with her

There are only the pair in the tank (18gal, dimensions 36 x 12 x 10)
planted and lots of floating plants, pH6.8, ammonia 0, weekly water
changes of 20%)  Ive been feeding frozen bloodworms, frozen brine
shrimp. white worms twice a week, and in the last week the live mosquito
larvae every night in lieu of the frozan.

Any ideas on what is causing this behaviour would be appreciated.



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