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Killer Filamentosa

Hi Everybody,

I have had filamentosus's for about a year and a half now.
My first batch were pretty beat up when I got them, (they were in a tank
with an Arowana),only one female lived.
My next group all mysteriously died, except for one male.
I'm pretty sure it was him that killed the whole family and the one
older one that survived from my first batch.
Eventually, it was just him and three corys and a few tetras in the
I later noticed the corys were missing their barbles(those little
I think he chewed them off as well.
I have tried adding two juvenilles(I was hoping they were female) to the
tank thinking he may feel like spawning someday, and he constantly
harrasses them. I think I will transfer the two new ones.

Are filamentosas usually this aggressive or is mine just over
Is this species more aggresive than other dwarves?
 I can't seem to get them to live together peacefully, much less spawn.
Even the little ones chase each other around all day.
The other dwarves I have, and have had, chase each other, but not to the
extent of this checkerboard.
Has anyone else had any like this?

Jay Cohen

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