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Re: Killer Filamentosa

Helen Burns wrote:
> Jay,
> I thought filamentosa were pretty docile, I have, at present semi-adults in
> a 36 inch tank with a few young corys and I have no problems with them at
> all.
> It is probably bacteria in the substrate or sharp gravel that is removing
> the barbels from the cory's.
> Helen.

I agree with Helen about both the corys and the filamentosum. I had a
group of six males [you know, buy six expensive juveniles so you can get
a pair :-)] in a planted 33 gallon for well over a year and a half, and
they didn't even nip each other's filaments. Right now, I have a male
and three females, and all seems calm.
D. maculatum seems a touch rowdier in my limited experience, but that is
relative. they're still very peaceful.
Then again, I had a Crenicara punctulata female that was a hellion. She
ended up dominating a Central American cichlid tank. That's supposed to
be a very easy-going species, but clearly, individuals will be

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