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well if its not one its the other... A. uaupesi "red-wedge"

round 2 of joels community tank (after the round 1 non-event D. filimentosus
 egg-laying) involves the red-wedge female basically barricading herself into
 an upturned clay pot saucer... shes been going in and out of breeding
 colouration (all yellowy with a single black spot on her side) for the past
 week or so, and the male has been displaying to her off and on during that
 time as well, the whole fin flashing, tail-swiping routine... the male is sort
 of haphazardly chasing off anything the approaches (well, when he feels like
 it, it seems - other times he just doesnt seem to care). shes basically got
 herself blocked in - to get out, shed have to move gravel - shes not left a
 space big enough for herself to fit through.

should be interesting. tank still hovers at about ph 6.4... ive been pondering
 bringing down the ph a bit seeing as the tank residents are the filimentosus,
 the red-wedge, a pair of pertensis and two male gibbiceps (the latter 2
 species were contaminants in the red-wedge and filimentosus shipments),
 but i dont think ill do that until i figure out whats going on here...


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