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Ap. Macmasteri, Ap.sp. Rio Xingu red lobes, Ap.Steindachneri,
Ap.Agassizi, Ap. sp. Emerald, Ap. sp. Opal, to name but a few I have found.
There are quite a few when you think on it and this is only the Apistos.

From: Bill Hickman <hickmanb@accessus.net>

>Just a quick note on the issue of, multi-generational groups.  I've been
>told that the Apisto. eunotus (excuse my spelling) will in fact allow multi
>generations.  That is the only non-African that I know about, but there may
>well be others.  What do you Fisheads know about other, multi-generational
>or colonizing fish.
>Bill Hickman
>Mascoutah, IL.

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