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3 days later - uaupesi "red-wedge" update

still not getting my hopes up, but the female is trying to convince me...

shes out now, at least some of the time - shes got a small opening in
 the gravel barricade that she comes out of to chase fish. her defense
 of the are has become quite vigorous - when shes not hidden entirely,
 shes attacking something. shes even gone so far as to try to come at
 my face through the glass!

her colouration has become brighter yellow, and much of the time her
 lateral spot is either the only marking present, or prominently
 featured. the fat yellow belly she had before blocking herself in the
 saucer has been gone the whole time.

linke & staeck says roughly 8 days to free-swimming... i seem to
 remember reading somewhere that hatch times for apisto eggs
 were around 48 hours?, a time that would indicate ive got more
 than eggs at this point, since im guessing she originally barricaded
 herself in sometime early thursday (both her and the male had been
 going in and out of the saucer-cave near-constantly when i left the
 house at 8am), and was firmly barricaded in at 530ish when i got
 home. but, pH is still 6.4, GH 6, KH 4. linke & staeck mentions also
 that breeding was possible at pH 5.7, but with a much lower success
 rate, and thats still a quite a bit more acid than what ive got.

ive still got bbs all set to go, just in the freak instance something
 actually happens with this, but in the meantime, shes doing her best
 to throw me off...


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