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black sand tip

when im not at home gazing at my fish tanks, i work as a bike messenger,
 and after the thread about black sand, i noticed something... lots of the
 ashtrays outside buildings are filled with, yes, you guessed it, black sand...

so, being a curious fellow, i ah... "procured" some of said sand, cleaned
 it (*lots*), and put it in a tank with some cardinals. it basically looks
 the same as the black sand available in several aquarium stores around
 san francisco... and nothing has died in the tank that has it in it, and no
 weird pH or other changes...

so, today i went looking for said sand, and found it. should be available
 at your local janitorial supply store (here in sf, i found it at easterday on
 7th st between folson and harrison). the counter guy there said it was
 either silica sand or coal slag (which i remember someone on the list
 mentioning during the discussion).

the price?

$21.40 for a 100 lb bag. a veritable entertainment value. now to figure out
 how to get 100 lbs of sand home on my bike, and where to store it...


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