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Re: Why do they ignore live brine and eat flakes?

Very interesting.  The ones I have are supposedly F0, were sold to me as 
such by someone I trust to be telling the truth.  I'd have supposed that 
they'd prefer something moving over flakes, but go figure.  Maybe I 
should try blackworms???  I've used tubifex, but not for at least five 
years, and never with cichilds.  Lately I've heard bad stuff about 
blackworms and tubifex with parasites.  By flies do you mean fruitflies?  
I'm not sure these guys would eat off the surface, they wait for things 
to sink.  BTW, what's a grindal worm, never used them before.
Thanks for the comments,

>We've had very similar experiences with more than just Apistos and with
>shrimp *and* flakes...seems that the fish get used to our heavy on the
>blackworm/flies/pellet/Grindal worm feeding and just don't know what to
>do with the shrimp or flakes. The shrimp will die and sit on the 
>the flakes just float the same direction, but drop a worm in the tank
>and it's gone in the first few seconds.
>Some of the challenge could be a training thing...they're just trained
>to eat another type of food...nearly all of the foods we feed are not
>"natural" in the truest senses and the taste for them is an acquired
>one...sort of like broccoli.
>the reverse can also be true. We have received fish that don't know 
>a blackworm is having only been exposed to flakes. When we first get a
>new fish e try several menu items to see what direction we need to be
>working. We also keep track of this type of response so that fish 
>from the same sources can be retrained more quickly.

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