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Re: water conditions for A, panduro & D. filamentosus

Peter wrote:
>You mentioned that I shouldn't need to use peat unless I wanted to breed
them.  I was >wondering if I should just wait until they're ready to breed,
or go ahead and start off >with the peat now...
That's really a judgement call.  I would let them grow a bit more and add
the peat when I am ready to breed in the hopes of triggering the first
spawn or two with the addition of peat.  Either option should be fine in
the long run, however.

>I'm also curious about the filteration system that you're using on your
tap.  Is it >something that's marketed for aquarium use?  I haven't heard
of it.

The KATI and ANI de-ionization filters are intended for aquarium use.  They
are a rechargeable ion-exchange resin system and tend to be a bit pricey.
I ordered mine from Pet Warehouse (www.petwhse.com).  They are under the
heading R.O. & Deionization in their online fish catalogue.  Most local
fish stores can also special order them for you.

Have fun,

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