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Re: water conditions for A, panduro & D. filamentosus

Thanks for the comments.  I think they're a bit young for breeding now, 
the male panduro is @ 4cm the females are @ 3cm, the filamentosus are @ 
3-4.5cm (standard).  I understand they all grow larger.  Although, the 
male Apisto has been becoming aggressive toward the females today.  
Funny, there's pretty much no inter-species action what-so-ever.  I was 
afraid that the Apistos might bully the others, at least I read that D. 
filamentosus don't stand up well to bullying.
Just one question on your comments.  You mentioned that I shouldn't need 
to use peat unless I wanted to breed them.  I was wondering if I should 
just wait until they're ready to breed, or go ahead and start off with 
the peat now...  
I'm also curious about the filteration system that you're using on your 
tap.  Is it something that's marketed for aquarium use?  I haven't heard 
of it.  
Thanks again,

>Your water conditions sound fine for keeping D. filamentosus and A.
>panduro.  If you are going to attempt to breed them, however, you may 
>to bring that pH down a bit.  Your idea of peat in circulating water in 
>30-50 gal container should do the trick (you will have to experiment to
>find out how much peat to use... the good thing is that using more peat
>than is needed should not harm your fish in any way).  As long as the 
>you bought does not have any additives (which it probably does not), it
>should be fine.
>With your water conditions, I would not bother getting an RO filter 
>the peat fails to produce conditions conducive to breeding.  I use an 
>and a KATI 2 de-ionization system on my water, which gives me a pH of
>around 5.5 in most of my tanks.  (I use this system because the 
>of Baltimore city water can vary greatly from season to season.)  I 
>also used do-it-yourself carbon dioxide generators (2 C sugar heated in 
>L water till desolved, allowed to cool, then placed in a 2 L soda 
>with 1 tablespoon yeast and an airline tube going from the cap to the
>tank.) to lower my pH on occassion with success... and the plants love 
>Hope this helps... have fun...

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