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Re: differentiating rotpunkt vs honsloi and agassizi vs. norberti

> So, my questions are:  1. do juvenile hongsloi look
> like rotpunkt?  If so, is there a good way to tell
> them apart?  After looking at a lot of pictures it
> looks to me that I could differentiate the norberti
> from the agassizi by looking for a black mark covering
> the first few rays of the dorsal fin.  Do you think
> that would work?  Lastly, at what length does agassizi
> start to show sexual dimorphism?

Hi Paul

I haven't bred hongsloi so I'm not really qualified to 
answer this, just qualified guessing - the lateral band 
in rotpunkt is more zig-zagged than hongsloi who has 
a more even/solid band.

Norberti show the abdominal stripes caracteristic of
cacatuoides-group-species very early They also have a 
series of spots on the base of their dorsal fin which 
the agas lack. The lateral band of agassizii seems narrower 
than norberti, as well as sharper. If they are juveniles 
(>1") these distinctions should be quite clear.

You should be able to sex agas from 1-1.5 in TL. 

Fredrik L.

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