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Re: a tyrant ramirezi male

Bonjour Michael
In my experience with Rams, your male seems to be unusually aggressive.
I can't think of anything you could do to stop his aggression.   My
suggestion would be to find another male.   I usually keep my rams in
pairs in 20 gallon long tanks and have no problem with males being
overly aggressive.   I even have a friend who has a 30 gallon well
planted tank that has at least 4 males and 6 females that spawn all over
the place in that tank.   There is always a clutch of fry with a pair
somewhere in his tank.   Maybe a different male would do the trick.
Don't give up on the one male, try placing a second male in the tank to
see if the first male will pair off with the female and raise fry
John Wubbolt
Tupper Lake NY 

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