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Re: Pv. taeniatus Matadi or Pv. subocellatus Matadi black?

Hi all,

I've seen a way to differenciate P. taeniatus with P. pulcher and P.
subocellatus which is independent of color.
It's probably a very well known fact, but it may interest somebody
around here..

taeniatus (and humilis too i think) has bigger mouth and bigger lips
than subocellatus and pulcher.
For those i own (moliwe), taeniatus are definitely "earth" eaters or
more precisely "earth chewers", they grab sand, chew it and let it go
out back through their gills.
pulcher and subocellatus are very close but they do not have, as far as
i know, a so big mouth with big lips.

The BIG problem, I think, is to determinate the REAL color form of these
fishes, and I'm skeptical about all these new color form names which are
erupting on a regular basis. It makes us dream about new fishes, but
dream is not very scientific, nor is "wild" fish trading.


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