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Hello All
I guess I've broken the mold with my fish.
The first time I had my pair of Altispinosa spawn for me it was in a
bare bottom tank with 2 large clay saucers in the tank.   Knowing the
fish weren't a cave spawner but open spawner the laid their eggs right
inside the clay saucer and fanned them there until the fry hatched and
left them there until they were free swimming.   They were great
parents.   The second spawn out of this pair was done in a tank with
about  1 inch layer of small gravel and a clay saucer.   When the pair
spawned inside the saucer the fanned the eggs until they hatched and
then moved the fry out into a pit they dug in the gravel.    I have
since traded the pair to friend but have a nice tank full of about 50 +
fry that are alittle over 1 inch long now.   I'm going to raise them all
up to a sexable size before moving them off.   Local pet shops won't
give me anything of value unless they are at least 2.5 inches long and
have nice color to them.
I really enjoyed watching the pair take care of their brood.   
John Wubbolt

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