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Re: Brazil fish pics

Kathy Olson wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> We finally got some pictures up from the apisto's we brought back.....
> they are on
> http://mystery.thekrib.com/
> There are some cool collecting/field shots I can see if I can talk Erik
> into scanning while I on call, and he is stuck on his own
> We just need another weeks vacation to play with all the stuff we brought
> back and get it all scanned!  :)
> any help with ID's is appreciated, I think we got most of the different
> species scanned (not for sure though).  There were lots of fry we brought
> back too....Geophagus/Satanoperca, aequidens, apisto...etc.  What monsters
> lurch in my tanks now I am not sure, a few are starting to dwarf the
> apistos...
> There are some non apisto fish......
> Thanks!
> Kathy

Dear Kathy and Erik:
Well, here goes my id's and comments.
Mike Wise, pls criticize them. As I in my id's will not go deep into 
pertensis-meinkeni-"Balzfleck", regani-like fish differences.

Rio Cuieiras:
1. Crenicichla sp.: Kathy, I feel this specimen is C. regani, but not 
very sure, bcs the spot near caudal peduncle is larger than usual; if 
not a real dwarf pike (like C. regani), then it is a young C. johana, 
also common in Rio Negro drainage. Vinny, pls clear us with this.
2. and 3. A. sp. Rotkeil (Red-wedged) [that is possibly same fish as A. 
uaupesi], young specimens. At this stage, they are easy to misidentify 
as A. pertensis. Bellow lateral line the Rotkeil-Apisto has black points 
arranged as lines, this is how I separate both (Rotkeil and pertensis) 
when young.
4. A. paucisquamis
5. A. sp. Rotkeil
6. A. paucisquamis; note: the caudal-fin pattern is not clear in some 
specimens; if only horizontal stripes, the fish may be A. mendezi, 
although all of them seem to be not A. mendezi (that is much more rare 
than A. mendezi; from almost 400 A. paucisquamis which I have collected 
in Rio Negro drainage, only 3 or 4 were real A. mendezi).
7. Pyrrhulina semifasciata, a species described by Steindachner in 1876, 
with type locality "mouth of Rio Negro" (pararypes from other localities 
along the Rio Solimões (=Amazonas after the confluence with Rio Negro).

Cow pond:
I think all related to A. regani, and would identify all as so, but in 
most specimens in your photos the caudal spot is not extended vertically 
as in A. regani (Kullander's fig. 10 in the original description is very 
clear about the the shape of the caudal spot).
Mike, pls help me with this id!!!
The other fish is likely a Hoplosternum-species, although there has been 
published recently a revision with several Hoplosternum-related new 
genera (Cascadura was one of these new genera, I don't remember the 
names of the others).

Rio Negro:
1. and 2. A. hippolytae confirmed
3. A. paucisquamis
4. A. regani
5. A. pertensis

Solimões (variousŠ):
1, 2, 3 and 4: A. cf. regani
5. and 6.: An Abramites species; as far as I know, only two valid 
species within this genus: A. solarii (from Rio Paraguay drainage) and 
A. hypselonotus (synonym: A. microcephalus). So, I would id them as A. 

Creek off Rio Negro:
1. out-of-focus photo, possibly A. pertensis
2. and 3. A. paucisquamis
4. and 5. A. hippolytae
6. and 7. (first plane fish): A. pertensis
7. (second plane fish): A. paucisquamis

Locations can't remember:
1. A. cf. regani

Comments, please!

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