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Re: Spawning P. pulcher

>Randall Kohn wrote:
>Since the day they arrived, they've remained in a cave almost completely
>concealed from view.  It's been three or four days now, and they refuse to
>show themselves.  From what I can see of the female, her belly is purple
>plump, but she was that way when I purchased her.  For feeding, I've been
>squirting live black worms into their cave, and they do appear to be eating
>them.  Can anyone offer me some advise on how to best proceed with these
>little fish?  I was looking forward to fry not to being a Peeping Tom.

My cousin bought a pair of red Kribs about one year ago.   They live in a 50
gallon tank full of Java moss, some watersprite and there are a couple of
caves.  They spawned after about 2 weeks, and have been spawning more or
less regularly since.  We rarely see the parents because they 'own' the big
cave.  The juveniles are all over the place and clearly visible.  There are
even young kribs in the 'grow out' tank!  It seems though that there is now
some 'population control' going on (probably other siblings are noshing on
the fry).  There are now two tanks full of their offspring and they are very
difficult to 'off-load' despite the fact that they are not your 'average'
krib.  I wouldn't be too worried that they are hiding out.  Try some
watersprite on the surface and they will probably feel more secure.  Once
they start to spawn, they are such good parents that  you'll have Kribs

We used Green Fire Tetras as dithers and they had to be rescued because the
parents chased them mercilessly.  A few of them jumped out of the tank and

G. Kadar

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