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Re: "Atlas of Aquarium Fishes"

If I were you I would recommend leaving the Axelrod where it is, don't know
about Burgess book.
For excellent value and information in all families of tropical fish I would
say the Baensch Atlas's without a doubt.  Mayland & Bork and or Linke &
Staeck books for South American Dwarf Cichlids.  There are also the series
of Aqualog books depending on which area of species you are intetrested in.
Hope this is of help,

>I found 2 sets of Dr. Axelrod and Dr. Burgess, "Atlas of Aquarium Fishes"
>a discount book store.  They had a price of $78.00 per volume (1 and 2).
>The books look to be in quite good condition, is this a good price for
>these?  Any advice would be appreciated!

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