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digital photography

For the past year I have thoroughly enjoyed using my digital camera to
shoot my fish (and a wide variety of events).  Film photography costs
about $15 a roll for film and development, and most have to wait a day
or more to see the shots.  With digital I spend no money no matter how
many shots I take.   I go into my fishroom, take all the shots I want
(extra or risky shots cost me nothing to try), and then download the
results onto my computer.  If I need a shot of some new or unknown fish
to post or email, it takes just minutes to get several shots to chose

I feel that top-line digital cameras are ready for aquarists.  Of
course, aquarium photography is not an easy task no matter what kind of
camera you use.

Because I'm going to be writing some articles on digital photography for
the aquarist, I decided to splurge and order one of the latest and
greatest models.  That means that the digital camera I am now using is
available.  If anyone on this list is interested in it, email me offline
and I'll fill you in on the details.

To see some of the shots I've taken, here are a couple of links.

The first shows some shots of Julio and his fish/fishroom.  I was
limited on digital memory while I was gone from home, so I had to shoot
those shots in a lower quality mode.  (And the low light prevented me
from getting A. elizabethae in focus.)

The second link was taken in my fishroom and shows a close up of  A.
"tefe" (that I reduced in size from the original image).


--Randy Carey


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