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Re: Conductivity as measured in MircoSiemans

>David Sanchez, thank you very much for your recent posting concerning
>conductivity: I couldn't agree with you more.  My experience with same has
>been exactly as you described!
>My water chemistry is ideal for Laetacara genus species.  Finally, I
invested in a >conductivity meter and realized that my water measured circa
650 microsiemans due >to the fertilizers and other additives I was using.
>When I reduced the conductivity to more natural levels, I soon had to
>in several more tanks to house all of the new fry!
Sounds like good advise to me.  Do any of you using conductivity meters have
recommendations on which units are preferred?  Where do I find recommended
readings for the different fish?

Bill Hickman
Mascoutah IL.

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