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I appreciate all information on water conductivity and the meter. I will buy
one very soon. However, I have questions that have to do with the fry as of
this moment.
As I said before, I removed a large piece of bogwood with at least 50
Njennsi eggs attached from the 30 gal. I placed it in a 2.5 gal tank with a
hydro bio sponge and an airstone.  The eggs were hanging verically.  There
are a few wrigglers still hanging and wriggling. Most have loosed and fallen
to the bottom of the bare tank. There are definantly a lot wrigglers with
bright red bellies!
My question is, should I occasionally gently swish the water in their area
to alleviate a chance of debris collecting on them?  Or how else could I
immitate the mother mouthing the wrigglers as I have seen her do?  I imagine
she is cleaning them when she does this.
This newbie needs help!
Francine in MD

Francine in MD
Fish - photography - genealogy

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