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Ap. steindachneri

I have one male and one female which were sold to me under the above name. I have since had a lot of confusion over their identity as some dealers I have visited have had what can only be described as different fish under this name - one even trying to fob off what was obviously a RAM ! 
However on investigating the Apistogramma mailing lists I have seen reference to the all blue Wickleri .. this would seem the most appropriate fish to the ones I have. Iam trying to source a digital camera to allow the sending of pictures.

The problem.. the male displayed very well to the female when she was not in breeding colours, she then coloured up and laid a batch of eggs - the male lost interest - being chased and harried by the female. This pattern has repeated numerous times. The male has now taken to hiding almost constantly with the female in what seems permanent breeding colouration. I suspect he has damaged his tail area during this aggressive behaviour. To say I'm confused ! 

One thing I have thought about is introducing another female or females.. however it is the correct sourcing of the fish that is proving a problem

Any advice would be gratefully received to enable the breeding of this most alluring and interesting fish.

Gareth Bradbury
Bristol England

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