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Gonna try breeding - need to setup tank

I'd like some opinions of setting up a breeding tank for Apistos.  From
what I've read here, a 30 gal long with sand and driftwood and clay
flower pots and some filtration, usually a sponge filter, is used.

I went to Home Depot today and went to the pool equipment section and
bought a 50lb bag of pool filter sand.  Before I bought it I looked at
some of the sand on the ground which had fallen out of another bag.  The
grains looked to be large (for sand), free of any broken shell bits or
anything else to affect GH or KH and overall pretty clean.  The brand
was Foster Dixiana.  I'm thinking a 50 lb bag might not be enough, but
I've not bought a tank yet, so we'll see.  It's less than $5 a bag, so
not a bad deal.

Here are my plans:
30 gallon long, glass canopy and single tube light fixture.
2" of sand substrate
2 pieces of driftwood that will entangle each other, java moss and two
clay flower pots
Either a small power filter or an Eheim 2213 canister I have sitting

A link to Foster Dixiana:


Kelly Beard, Cat IV (on sabbatical)
President, Allanti Cycling Club
Innovative Computing Corporation

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