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Re: Ap. steindachneri

In a message dated 6/25/1999 8:18:44 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
garethb@systems-team.co.uk writes:

> The problem.. the male displayed very well to the female when she was not 
> breeding colours, she then coloured up and laid a batch of eggs - the male 
> lost interest - being chased and harried by the female. 

The males don't lose interest as much as the females drive them off.  In the 
wild, the male would be doing "perimeter patrol", but your breeding tank is 
not large enough for him to do that, so he is closer to the spawn than she is 
comfortable with.

>This pattern has 
> repeated numerous times. The male has now taken to hiding almost constantly 
> with the female in what seems permanent breeding colouration. 

If she is in permanent brooding colors, then she is probably guarding a 
clutch somewhere.  I'd move the male out if I were you.

I suspect he 
> has damaged his tail area during this aggressive behaviour. To say I'm 
> confused ! 

Normal behavior.  Don't sweat it.

Bob Dixon

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