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Use of additives with RO water, Apisto aggressiveness

I've noticed on this list that many people speak of using additives when
using RO water. Is this necessary? I plan to get some type of Apistos as
soon as I learn a little more about them, and get one of my other tanks
cleaned out to put them in.

If additives are necessary, what kind would you recommend?

Also, I was wondering just how aggressive Apisto's usually are, (of course,
as an average, since I don't know what kind I plan to get yet), can anyone
rate them as opposed to the African Malawi Cichlids? If not, just a general
idea will do. I just threw out the comparison to the Malawi's because that
is the type of fish I have kept longest and am most familiar with.

Hopefully they're not as bad as the Malawi's. I have a male Oblique that has
beat up two females in the past week! Kind of rough to breed them when the
females spend most of their time in a hospital tank. :(


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