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Re: Protein skimmers (was: box filter)

In a message dated 8/2/1999 5:25:43 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
svavev@hunterlink.net.au writes:

> From what I've heard, the surface tension of freshwater is insufficient to
>  maintain a froth - having said that, large scale freshwater protein 
>  are used on large trout ponds here in Australia. The amount of aggitation
>  for a freshwater p/s for a regular tank would have to be quite substantial.

I've seen mounds of froth in streams with minimal rapids and lots of bioload. 
 It's about the bubble size.  Salt water makes smaller bubbles out of the 
airstone, which increases the surface area of the air/water interface area.  
Also reducing the area of each bubble, which improves the chances that a 
given buble will turn to foam.  Coating the surface of the bubbles with DOCs 
is what makes the froth.

Bob Dixon

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