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another possibility (was laterite)

I picked up 10g of RO water from my lfs. I transport it in 2 plastic 5g
gas cans. I have never put anything in the gas cans except the RO water
straight from their machine.
I had put 5g into the tank that night and left the other five sitting
around for a few days.
When I dumped the second can into the pump bucket, I noticed these
little green "worm" like things floating in the bucket. They were about
a quarter inch long, and about the diamater of a blood worm, and had a
slight curve to them. They did not look alive. It almost looked like
green fish excrement
 I took what was left in the gas can and dumped it into the sink to see
if the stuff was in the bucket or the can, It was coming from the can.
When I got to the bottom of the gas can, a snail came out as well.
I guess I got some bad water.
I lost the male Candidi, but the female is still hanging on.
Her abdomin looks swollen, she is very grey colored and breathing a bit
fast. If anyone knows how I may be able to save her, please let me know.
Thanks again, 

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