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Hi everyone, I'm having some troubles again,
I added some laterite to my 30g tank in an attempt to help out the
plants, and now my Candidis are dying and my Cacatoide doesn't look good
Is this stuff dangerous or what?
The tank conditions are exactly the same as they've been for a long
time, the only difference is the laterite.
I'm am now trying to remove the laterite with water changes and a diatom
filter. It is taking me a lot of time, and water, and clouding up the
Would I be better off putting the fish into an established 20g tank with
my filamentosa's until I can get that stuff out of the 30?
I guess it is stressful on the fish either way. 
Can or should I try to medicate the fish?
They are very drab colored and just laying on the bottom. It looks like
they are breathing a little fast.
They eat when the food comes thier way, but I don't see them swimming
around looking for it anymore.
I did not list all of the water parameters, because they are all the
same as they were when everything was fine.
I added the laterite and a few days later I noticed the fish were very
I feel horrible about this and I hope I can save them.
If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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