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RE: spawning?

Flying along with David Sanchez, I would pin egg eating down to three
possible root causes:

1/ Rookie male/females may not have fertilised/laid the eggs properly (point
3, & first encounter sexual panic?). Lack of fertilisation the eggs won't
develop. Laid wrongly, the parenting instinct might not recognise them as
the parents brood.

2/ Eggs are good food. If the parents think through stress that the eggs are
under a real threat, then it's better for them to have a real good snack
than anyone else.

3/ Ancestrally through pulling the eggs away from parents, parents parents,
and parents parents parents, (etc.) instinctual responses are diminished.
Though this should only affect "commercialised" fish - look at angle fish. 

Mind you I've not experienced noticeable egg eating in any apisto/dwarfs.

> rookie females will eat
> their first couple of spawns!

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