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Re: spawning?

> rookie females will eat
> their first couple of spawns!

Altough I respect your opinion Mike. I tend to
disagree with this. It has been my experience that
this is not the case. In fact it is commonly accepted
that the above statement is true. However I firmly
beleive egg eating is a respnse to less then ideal
environmental conditions. It has been my experience
that given the proper conditions even first time
mothers get it right the first time. I must admit
there have been exceptions. It is my opinion that
bio-load levels are extremly high in an aquarium as
compared to the wild. I think as aquarists we need to
find answers to our problems, yes it is true that many
times immature females are more likely to eat their
spawns but I beleive that it is our added attention
that we then focus on the tank that leads to our
success though the problem lies with us and not the
fish. Once again a superior environment becomes
paramount. A well planted aquarium that provides
security for the female with the proper water
parameters and the proper microsiemens assures success
even the first time. Sometimes something as simple as
to much light, no floating plants, can be a key factor
fish acting skiddish are a good sighn of this. Remove
the other fish from the tank and leave the pair alone
in the tank and I think you will have a better chance
of success. Good luck

David Sanchez
Casselberry, FL
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