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Re: spawning?

 Scot.Gillespie@epsedin.co.uk writes:

> 3/ Ancestrally through pulling the eggs away from parents, parents parents,
>  and parents parents parents, (etc.) instinctual responses are diminished.
>  Though this should only affect "commercialised" fish - look at angle fish. 

You must have joined the list since the last time this was brought up.  I 
still say that any pair of angels given the proper water parameters and tank 
set-up will be excellent parents.  ANY pair.  Period.

M. ramirezi appears to be the exception, and only with fish from SE Asia.  I 
will agree that one in a zillion fish may have a "defective parenting gene", 
but nature tends to weed that out in the wild, so it is extremely rare.  If, 
however, that is what's wrong with Asian ram stock, it is because a single 
breeder "lucked out" and started his/her line with that gene, and caused it 
to survive and spread.  It is still possible that they have a specific need 
vis-a-vis conductivity or some other parameter to solve it.  We may never 

Don't be so quick to blamme the fish.  It may be easier than solving the 
problem, but it isn't the right solution.  We had this discussion back 
shortly after the blackout a year-and-a-half ago.  Some folks got replacement 
fish from Big John that had been "pulled" as eggs.  Anyone who got these fish 
found them to be defective?

Bob Dixon

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